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  • “Backing Into Relativism”–Prof. Arkes in First Things

    Posted by James Wilson Institute on May 17, 2019
    Over the past year, the conservative legal movement has celebrated victories for religious freedom. However, in a recent piece for First Things, Professor Arkes expressed his concern that the conservative jurists on the Supreme Court might be falling into a kind of relativism in the way that they articulate their opinions. Take Masterpiece Cakeshop v. […] …
  • VIDEO: Prof. Hadley Arkes, “The Case for Natural Law”

    Posted by James Wilson Institute on May 14, 2019
    On April 23, 2019, Prof. Arkes delivered a lecture to students and faculty at Christendom College in Front Royal, VA. The lecture, entitled “The Case for Natural Law,” was hosted by the Cincinnatus League (an Intercollegiate Studies Institute student group) and Christendom’s Political Science and Economics Department. …
  • “Securing the Constitution and Union”–Prof. David Forte in the Claremont Review of Books

    Posted by on Apr 9, 2019
    In a review for the Spring 2019 Claremont Review of Books, JWI Senior Scholar Professor David F. Forte hails Ronald R. Rotunda’s abridgment of Albert J. Beveridge’s seminal work, Life of John Marshall, as an impressive work. The book incorporates Rotunda’s own commentary, yet importantly retains the spirit and rhythm of Beveridge’s writing. Professor Forte […] …
  • “The Last of the Founders”–Prof. Michael Uhlmann in the Claremont Review of Books

    Posted by James Wilson Institute on Mar 20, 2019
    In a piece for the Claremont Review of Books, JWI Senior Scholar Prof. Michael Uhlmann reviews Richard Brookhiser’s new biography, John Marshall: The Man who Made the Supreme Court, which provides a concise account of Chief Justice’s accomplishments.  In his review, Professor Uhlmann points to John Marshall as an underappreciated titan, whose work and influence–from Marbury […] …
  • Interview with 2015 James Wilson Fellow: Nick Reaves

    Posted by James Wilson Institute on Mar 14, 2019
    Nick Reaves, a 2015 James Wilson Fellow, is currently serving as Counsel at the Becket Fund, a non-profit, public-interest legal and educational institute with a mission to protect the free expression of all faiths. Previously, he was an associate at Jones Day. He also clerked for Judge D. Brooks Smith on the US Court of […] …
All men are by nature equal and free. No one has a right to any authority over another without his consent
— James Wilson, Considerations on the Nature and Extent of the Legislative Authority of the British Parliament, 1774